Makeup Monday- Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Happy Monday to all!  I was hanging out with my friend Tricia the other day (more about that later, I'm woefully behind!) and she recommended this bronzer... Butter Bronzer by Physician's formula.  And because I'm me, I went out and grabbed both shades right away.  :)  She's a wise lady, these did not disappoint!  

They look pretty similar, right?!  One is called Light Bronzer, the other is called Bronzer.  Brilliant, no?  As you'll see in the swatches, they are pretty similar.  The lighter shade is a little warmer, just a touch lighter, and also has a smidge of shimmer that the darker shade doesn't seem to have.  

The packaging is a little much for me... I don't hate it or anything, but it's a little bulkier and flashier than I'd prefer.  I am such a sucker for nice packaging, and Physicans Formula usually takes it about 5 steps further than I'd prefer.  I didn't take a picture, because I usually just throw them away, but it came with a pretty nice little applicator also.  You'll have to check that out if you buy it, but it's just a little flat sponge with a plastic handle.  It was really helpful for getting up around my hairline.  

Here are the upsides though... awesome texture.  It's such a nice creamy, blendable powder.  I also LOVE the smell.  It smells just like coconut scented sunscreen.  I absolutely cannot get enough of the smell, but I know some people don't like coconut so buyer beware!  Also, the regular shade is an ideal "contour" shade for many people... cool toned and matte, which is what I'm always on the hunt for.  

I have to share one more thing... I hesitate to talk TOO much about prices and deals because I can definitely sound cheap... but I honestly just love the hunt of a good deal!  The regular price on these is around $15 each and last week they were buy one get one 75% off at Rite Aid.  I was totally already going to get them, but then I saw that they each had a $4 off peelie sticker on them!  So I think I paid around $5 each?  Rite Aid is running another sale this week, so I'd go check them out there if you're interested!  

Have a great week!