Makeup Monday- Wet N Wild 10 Pan Palettes

Happy Makeup Monday everyone!  I picked up these two palettes at Walmart (they're exclusives there) a couple weeks ago and have been playing around with them ever since.  Since they each come with a very light and very dark color with lots of medium tones, you can create a TON of different looks.  

I'm a HUGE fan of Wet N Wild eye shadows.  You might overlook them because they're so cheap, how could they possibly be any good?  Not the case!  I'd highly recommend the Walking on Eggshells trio and the Comfort Zone 8 pan palette.  They are so soft and beautifully pigmented.  

Did these 10 pans live up to my expectations?  Well, yes and no.  They were great, especially for the price.  Each one was just over $5.  The colors were great and it was so easy to mix and match colors.  

You can see they swatched fairly well, but I do feel that some shades are a little less pigmented than I would have hoped for, especially when I actually started applying them to my eyes.  I'll definitely keep using them at home, but won't be buying a 2nd set for my kit like I thought I might.  I feel like I might being a little hard on them because my expectations were sky high.  

Here's a quick look I did with the Bare Necessities palette.  I've also been using a lot of the midtones for a quick one color+eyeliner look.  

Thanks for joining me for Makeup Monday!  I have the first bridal trial of the year this Thursday so I'll be back with pics from that soon!