Makeup Monday- NYC Get It All Foundation Stick

Hi and Happy Monday!  It's time for Makeup Monday!  Today we're checking out NYC's new foundation stick.  

It comes in a basic tube and I use my flat kabuki brush to spread it around my face.  Just put a bunch of weird stripes on yourself and blend blend blend.  You might want to whip out a smaller brush to get around your nose and under your eyes.  

I used the lightest shade they had, which was "001 Light"  You pale girls are out of luck because I'm definitely on the light side of medium and it was a perfect match.  In fact, it was kind of weird, I think there were at least 6 or 8 shades and they all looked SO similar.  Nothing for the dark end of the spectrum either.

I obviously don't match foundation on using my hands, but look at how close this is to my skin color.  And look how dark it is to be the lightest shade they offer!!!  I REALLY like this product though.  It blends so nicely across my face and gives the most lovely "no makeup" look.  I did have to use a separate concealer on my red chin, but the rest of my face looked great.  Also, can we talk about the 3.99 price tag?!  What a deal for a decent foundation.

This might not be the right foundation for someone who wants/needs more coverage.  Also not for anyone that doesn't have medium skin, which is kind of ridiculous and sad.


-Good for "no makeup" look.

-Nice non-pink shade options.

-Convenient stick form, grab an extra to keep in your purse!

-The price!

-It even worked well on my combo skin.  Just don't use too much moisturizer beforehand.



-The craptastic range of shades.

-NYC is a little harder to find than it used to be... Target has the best selection that I know of.

-You really do need a foundation brush for the best application.  I tried using my fingers and it just wasn't the same.

Thanks for joining me for Makeup Monday!  Have a great week!