Since I'm always picking up something new from the store, I'm dedicating Mondays to doing a mini reviews.  It might be a new product or an old favorite.  It'll always be pretty short.  Hope you enjoy!

This week we're talking lip gloss.  Cover Girl came out with these cute little Oh Sugar! glosses in their Spring 2016 collection.  I love the packaging!  The colors are so pretty!

They look like a lipstick, but they're really a very sheer gloss.  They remind me of Maybelline Baby Lips or Clinique Almost Lipstick.  I picked out Cupcake & Caramel to come home with me... but it was a tough choice because the color selection was great.  Also, is anyone else a sucker for makeup named after dessert?!

They were 6.99 at Target.  For reference, my *favorite* NYX Butter Glosses are 4.99 and regular Cover Girl lipsticks are 5.99.


Here's the long and the short of it:


-GREAT colors.  I had a really hard time choosing.

-Not sticky at all.

-Pleasant smell... kind of a sweet/vanilla/dessert type scent.


-Very pretty sheer color.  Not opaque at all.

-Somewhat unique... there aren't a ton of budget products like this on the market right now.



-It's a little easy to miss your mouth if you aren't using a mirror.  It reminds me of when my kids put chapstick on and it has a tint.  Even a little mistake is surprisingly noticeable and it's easy to mess up because the formula is very "slippery."

-You might be slightly disappointed at the color payoff.  If you try to put extra on to make up for it, it'll just get messy.

I'm certainly liking these, especially the Cupcake shade.  It's pinker than the swatch suggests.  The Caramel reads just a little too orange on me, but it's wearable.  I might pick up one of the bright colors on a future trip.


One more order of business... I started a new business Instagram (stephaniewalkiewicz) and I hope you'll come hang out with me over there!  Happy Monday!