L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion

Well hi!  I've had a few posts brewing for awhile now, but haven't put the final touches on them, so I'm hitting you with this quick easy foundation review just so you don't think I left you again.  I love trying new foundations!  I think everyone needs to have a few choices for different days.  Special occasions call for full coverage, but that might look a little icky under the Target florescent lighting.  BB cream is nice, but I'd wear it to the beach, not a wedding.

*Quick foundation tip:  If you ever buy something that is the wrong color or just doesn't work for you, hang on to it!  I once bought one that was WAY too matte for any circumstance.  (Rimmel Stay Matte... the whole campaign slogan was "no cake face" but that's pretty much what it gave me.)  It turned out to be perfect though when I bought L'Oreal True Match Lumi and it was too slippery for my combination skin.  It might be a little more work to mix, but you'll save money and get something that works just right for you!*

After I heard a couple good reviews, I started hunting around for L'oreal's new foundation, True Match Lumi Cushion.  It's expensive for a drugstore foundation... most places carry it for between $15 and $17.  Dave and Mom, if you are reading this don't worry, I got it on sale and used a $4 coupon.

As you can see here, it comes in a little compact with a puff included.  (It's foamy on both sides, not soft like a powder puff.)  You open up one more little door and you see the spongy cushion that is soaked with the very liquidy foundation.   I bought it in N 3.5, which turned out to be a smidge too dark for me in winter.

Here's what it looks like on it's own, with just a bit of powder and bronzer.  I'd call it medium coverage.  It definitely needs to be set with powder.  

And here's the next day in the school pick up line.  I used concealer (Elf HD Lifting, FTW!) under my eyes and on the birthmark on my chin.  I love the look of the foundation, but the wear was not impressive.  I think I was in full meltdown by around 3pm even with setting spray.  The 2nd day, extra powder improved the situation, but only by a couple hours.

I'm betting people who enjoy the original True Match Lumi foundation will like this formula, probably mostly you dry skin sisters out there.  If you are combo or oily, I wouldn't bother.

See you soon!