Makeup Monday- Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

Well hi!  Welcome to a post Easter, Reeses Egg and coffee fueled version of Makeup Monday.  Today we're looking at a brand that is very new to me.  I found this blush palette by Revolution on a trip to Ulta the other day.  Normally I don't go to Ulta too often... it's dangerous for my budget and my little boys + all those glass bottles = a disaster waiting to happen.  I'm not sure how long Ulta has carried Revolution but it was new to me!  I grabbed two of these blush palettes and an eye shadow palette.  

The one we're looking at today is called "Hot Spice."  It has six blushes and two highlighters.  


Ha, you can see in the mirror that my love of stripes goes beyond backdrops. 

Here are the swatches... lovely!  Some of the colors are pretty similar, but they're all quite creamy and pigmented.  The lighter of the two highlighters didn't photograph properly, I think it was on the shade side of my arm and didn't quite catch the light.  It actually isn't invisible.

Here's what the cover looks like... it's already a little scratched up from bumping around in my kit.  :(  I really like the packaging... so nice for the price point!  

So in summary, I think this was a great buy!  The colors are beautiful, I've used it for a few clients so far and it definitely photographs well, and a little bit goes a long way.  I really like having those two highlighters available in the palette without having to grab a separate product.  I'll show you the other palette another day, but those are the only two they carry at Ulta and there are definitely a few go to shades missing.  

I'm pretty excited to check out a few more products from Revolution!  This one was definitely a win in my book.