Jennifer & I Heart Life Photography

Ooh have I been excited and waiting to share these pictures here!!!  A few weeks ago on an UNSEASONABLY WARM Cleveland February day, I got to help out with a maternity shoot with the lovely and talented Valerie Gage of I Heart Life Photography.  


This is Jennifer, the soon to be 2nd time mama!  Wow, what a lovely, energetic, fun pregnant lady!  We had so much fun in the wind and sunshine, and even the mud.  Jen was especially a trooper... changing in the back of her SUV, hopping right up into the back of my minivan for her makeup, being blown away in the crazy wind we had that day...

Ooh, and here is a cute pic of Valerie doing her thing.  She is so encouraging and SO good at directing people in how to pose.  I am awkward city around cameras and I can't believe how cute the pics she took of me were.  I do believe you'll see more of Valerie and me together in the future.  We have a couple projects planned together that I can't wait to share.  

Thank you again Valerie and Jen for letting me join you!