Kayla's Senior Pictures

Hi everyone!  Meet Kayla!  Kayla is one of the 2017 Breauna Hughes Senior Ambassadors and her session was shot at Sippo Lake State Park in Massillion, OH.  Kayla is a soon-to-be senior at Jackson High School and the absolute sweetest thing.  The day was chillier than it looked and I definitely finished up the job with some very frozen hands!  That's an occupational hazard I hadn't anticipated...


Didn't Breauna do an amazing job!?  Check out her website... breaunahughes.com.  She is so talented!  


Here is the before/after I shared on Instagram.  Kayla is lovely either way, but I just love the transformation of making someone up!  Here are some quick tips if YOU are getting your senior pictures (or any pictures!) taken soon!

-False lashes make a dramatic difference!  Try Ardell Demi Wispies.

-Use more makeup than usual and do a practice run.  You can kind of see in the shade photos I snapped that Kayla looks a little, um, dramatic for a high schooler.  But when you see her photos by Breauna she doesn't look quite so sculpted.  

-Use a full coverage foundation with no SPF, even if it's more coverage than you would usually prefer.  Revlon Colorstay is my favorite for this, and you can always sheer it out with a tiny bit of lotion for more everyday wear.  

-Go for a classic look!  Neutral lips and lined eyes never go out of style.  

Your senior pictures are a big deal!  If you don't feel like DIYing it, give me a call.  My rates are super affordable and I can even come to your location.  

Thank you again, Breauna, for these beautiful pictures!  

Makeup Monday- Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Happy Monday to all!  I was hanging out with my friend Tricia the other day (more about that later, I'm woefully behind!) and she recommended this bronzer... Butter Bronzer by Physician's formula.  And because I'm me, I went out and grabbed both shades right away.  :)  She's a wise lady, these did not disappoint!  

They look pretty similar, right?!  One is called Light Bronzer, the other is called Bronzer.  Brilliant, no?  As you'll see in the swatches, they are pretty similar.  The lighter shade is a little warmer, just a touch lighter, and also has a smidge of shimmer that the darker shade doesn't seem to have.  

The packaging is a little much for me... I don't hate it or anything, but it's a little bulkier and flashier than I'd prefer.  I am such a sucker for nice packaging, and Physicans Formula usually takes it about 5 steps further than I'd prefer.  I didn't take a picture, because I usually just throw them away, but it came with a pretty nice little applicator also.  You'll have to check that out if you buy it, but it's just a little flat sponge with a plastic handle.  It was really helpful for getting up around my hairline.  

Here are the upsides though... awesome texture.  It's such a nice creamy, blendable powder.  I also LOVE the smell.  It smells just like coconut scented sunscreen.  I absolutely cannot get enough of the smell, but I know some people don't like coconut so buyer beware!  Also, the regular shade is an ideal "contour" shade for many people... cool toned and matte, which is what I'm always on the hunt for.  

I have to share one more thing... I hesitate to talk TOO much about prices and deals because I can definitely sound cheap... but I honestly just love the hunt of a good deal!  The regular price on these is around $15 each and last week they were buy one get one 75% off at Rite Aid.  I was totally already going to get them, but then I saw that they each had a $4 off peelie sticker on them!  So I think I paid around $5 each?  Rite Aid is running another sale this week, so I'd go check them out there if you're interested!  

Have a great week!  

Makeup Monday- Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

Well hi!  Welcome to a post Easter, Reeses Egg and coffee fueled version of Makeup Monday.  Today we're looking at a brand that is very new to me.  I found this blush palette by Revolution on a trip to Ulta the other day.  Normally I don't go to Ulta too often... it's dangerous for my budget and my little boys + all those glass bottles = a disaster waiting to happen.  I'm not sure how long Ulta has carried Revolution but it was new to me!  I grabbed two of these blush palettes and an eye shadow palette.  

The one we're looking at today is called "Hot Spice."  It has six blushes and two highlighters.  


Ha, you can see in the mirror that my love of stripes goes beyond backdrops. 

Here are the swatches... lovely!  Some of the colors are pretty similar, but they're all quite creamy and pigmented.  The lighter of the two highlighters didn't photograph properly, I think it was on the shade side of my arm and didn't quite catch the light.  It actually isn't invisible.

Here's what the cover looks like... it's already a little scratched up from bumping around in my kit.  :(  I really like the packaging... so nice for the price point!  

So in summary, I think this was a great buy!  The colors are beautiful, I've used it for a few clients so far and it definitely photographs well, and a little bit goes a long way.  I really like having those two highlighters available in the palette without having to grab a separate product.  I'll show you the other palette another day, but those are the only two they carry at Ulta and there are definitely a few go to shades missing.  

I'm pretty excited to check out a few more products from Revolution!  This one was definitely a win in my book. 

Jennifer & I Heart Life Photography

Ooh have I been excited and waiting to share these pictures here!!!  A few weeks ago on an UNSEASONABLY WARM Cleveland February day, I got to help out with a maternity shoot with the lovely and talented Valerie Gage of I Heart Life Photography.  


This is Jennifer, the soon to be 2nd time mama!  Wow, what a lovely, energetic, fun pregnant lady!  We had so much fun in the wind and sunshine, and even the mud.  Jen was especially a trooper... changing in the back of her SUV, hopping right up into the back of my minivan for her makeup, being blown away in the crazy wind we had that day...

Ooh, and here is a cute pic of Valerie doing her thing.  She is so encouraging and SO good at directing people in how to pose.  I am awkward city around cameras and I can't believe how cute the pics she took of me were.  I do believe you'll see more of Valerie and me together in the future.  We have a couple projects planned together that I can't wait to share.  

Thank you again Valerie and Jen for letting me join you!  

Makeup Monday- Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

Hey everyone!  Happy Makeup Monday!  I grabbed this at the drugstore the other day when I was supposed to be running out for toothpaste.  There are a bajillion new brow products out there and I am basically determined to try them all.  

This is a twist up chubby pencil, so when it wears down you twist up instead of sharpening.  You can probably guess one of my problems with this product.  

Nice color though, right?!  One of the most helpful bits of advice I could give when it comes to brows is to pick a color without any red in it, unless you have very red hair of course.  This is harder than you would think, but I've seen big improvements in drugstore products over the last year!  Look for a product that leans more gray or khaki.  Try to avoid warm browns if you're going for a natural look.  

So, here's the thing.  I love the color and the ease of using this pomade crayon.  I was concerned that it would be too soft, but I'd call it just right.  The big problem is that it's not very precise since it's such a big crayon and the tip can't be sharpened, unless you want to go at it with a whittling knife or something.  My solution has  been to use the side of the crayon as much as possible and save the point for the tail ends where I really need it.  This has been working fine, but I've only been doing it for a week.  Another option would be taking product off the crayon with a brush and applying it that way.  I tried it and it's not ideal, but not a bad option for the ends of the brow.  

I love this product and I'll definitely be using it!  I love not dirtying a brush when I don't have to.  You probably won't like it if you want a darker or more defined brow.  The big tip and somewhat sheer consistency will be a problem for you.  If you're looking for a quick everyday solution, give it a whirl!  

Teen Makeovers

Lucky me, I had the chance to do makeup for these two lovely ladies this week!  One of my favorite things is putting makeup on girls who don't usually wear much or any.   I'm used to seeing the change over, but they aren't and it's so exciting!  

This little cutie below kept picking up the mirror and looking at herself because she couldn't believe how different she looked!  They were both so sweet and fun to hang out with!  

Thanks again for coming over, girls!  

Makeup Monday- Wet N Wild 10 Pan Palettes

Happy Makeup Monday everyone!  I picked up these two palettes at Walmart (they're exclusives there) a couple weeks ago and have been playing around with them ever since.  Since they each come with a very light and very dark color with lots of medium tones, you can create a TON of different looks.  

I'm a HUGE fan of Wet N Wild eye shadows.  You might overlook them because they're so cheap, how could they possibly be any good?  Not the case!  I'd highly recommend the Walking on Eggshells trio and the Comfort Zone 8 pan palette.  They are so soft and beautifully pigmented.  

Did these 10 pans live up to my expectations?  Well, yes and no.  They were great, especially for the price.  Each one was just over $5.  The colors were great and it was so easy to mix and match colors.  

You can see they swatched fairly well, but I do feel that some shades are a little less pigmented than I would have hoped for, especially when I actually started applying them to my eyes.  I'll definitely keep using them at home, but won't be buying a 2nd set for my kit like I thought I might.  I feel like I might being a little hard on them because my expectations were sky high.  

Here's a quick look I did with the Bare Necessities palette.  I've also been using a lot of the midtones for a quick one color+eyeliner look.  

Thanks for joining me for Makeup Monday!  I have the first bridal trial of the year this Thursday so I'll be back with pics from that soon!  


Meet my friend Amy!  Until about 3 months ago, we were neighbor besties but then she sold her house and my boys have been missing her boys every since.  :)   I asked her to come over so I could practice a new updo I learned and also get some portfolio pics.  I'm also kind of a fan of hanging out with her, so that was a bonus.  Not pictured are our crazy kids, our mac & cheese lunch, and the 13 quatrillion pieces of lego on the floor.  Enjoy the pics!

Makeup Monday- NYC Get It All Foundation Stick

Hi and Happy Monday!  It's time for Makeup Monday!  Today we're checking out NYC's new foundation stick.  

It comes in a basic tube and I use my flat kabuki brush to spread it around my face.  Just put a bunch of weird stripes on yourself and blend blend blend.  You might want to whip out a smaller brush to get around your nose and under your eyes.  

I used the lightest shade they had, which was "001 Light"  You pale girls are out of luck because I'm definitely on the light side of medium and it was a perfect match.  In fact, it was kind of weird, I think there were at least 6 or 8 shades and they all looked SO similar.  Nothing for the dark end of the spectrum either.

I obviously don't match foundation on using my hands, but look at how close this is to my skin color.  And look how dark it is to be the lightest shade they offer!!!  I REALLY like this product though.  It blends so nicely across my face and gives the most lovely "no makeup" look.  I did have to use a separate concealer on my red chin, but the rest of my face looked great.  Also, can we talk about the 3.99 price tag?!  What a deal for a decent foundation.

This might not be the right foundation for someone who wants/needs more coverage.  Also not for anyone that doesn't have medium skin, which is kind of ridiculous and sad.


-Good for "no makeup" look.

-Nice non-pink shade options.

-Convenient stick form, grab an extra to keep in your purse!

-The price!

-It even worked well on my combo skin.  Just don't use too much moisturizer beforehand.



-The craptastic range of shades.

-NYC is a little harder to find than it used to be... Target has the best selection that I know of.

-You really do need a foundation brush for the best application.  I tried using my fingers and it just wasn't the same.

Thanks for joining me for Makeup Monday!  Have a great week!


I have a friend to introduce you to today!  Her name is Judit and she is the mom of five awesome kids.  Our kids went to preschool and kindergarten together but go to different schools now.  We still make it a priority to get them together because they are good buddies, and well, so are we.  :)

Judit before we got started...

Judit before we got started...

and when we finished.  She decided to change her shirt.  :)

and when we finished.  She decided to change her shirt.  :)

Thanks for having us over and feeding us, Judit!  I had so much fun working on you!


Since I'm always picking up something new from the store, I'm dedicating Mondays to doing a mini reviews.  It might be a new product or an old favorite.  It'll always be pretty short.  Hope you enjoy!

This week we're talking lip gloss.  Cover Girl came out with these cute little Oh Sugar! glosses in their Spring 2016 collection.  I love the packaging!  The colors are so pretty!

They look like a lipstick, but they're really a very sheer gloss.  They remind me of Maybelline Baby Lips or Clinique Almost Lipstick.  I picked out Cupcake & Caramel to come home with me... but it was a tough choice because the color selection was great.  Also, is anyone else a sucker for makeup named after dessert?!

They were 6.99 at Target.  For reference, my *favorite* NYX Butter Glosses are 4.99 and regular Cover Girl lipsticks are 5.99.


Here's the long and the short of it:


-GREAT colors.  I had a really hard time choosing.

-Not sticky at all.

-Pleasant smell... kind of a sweet/vanilla/dessert type scent.


-Very pretty sheer color.  Not opaque at all.

-Somewhat unique... there aren't a ton of budget products like this on the market right now.



-It's a little easy to miss your mouth if you aren't using a mirror.  It reminds me of when my kids put chapstick on and it has a tint.  Even a little mistake is surprisingly noticeable and it's easy to mess up because the formula is very "slippery."

-You might be slightly disappointed at the color payoff.  If you try to put extra on to make up for it, it'll just get messy.

I'm certainly liking these, especially the Cupcake shade.  It's pinker than the swatch suggests.  The Caramel reads just a little too orange on me, but it's wearable.  I might pick up one of the bright colors on a future trip.


One more order of business... I started a new business Instagram (stephaniewalkiewicz) and I hope you'll come hang out with me over there!  Happy Monday!

L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion

Well hi!  I've had a few posts brewing for awhile now, but haven't put the final touches on them, so I'm hitting you with this quick easy foundation review just so you don't think I left you again.  I love trying new foundations!  I think everyone needs to have a few choices for different days.  Special occasions call for full coverage, but that might look a little icky under the Target florescent lighting.  BB cream is nice, but I'd wear it to the beach, not a wedding.

*Quick foundation tip:  If you ever buy something that is the wrong color or just doesn't work for you, hang on to it!  I once bought one that was WAY too matte for any circumstance.  (Rimmel Stay Matte... the whole campaign slogan was "no cake face" but that's pretty much what it gave me.)  It turned out to be perfect though when I bought L'Oreal True Match Lumi and it was too slippery for my combination skin.  It might be a little more work to mix, but you'll save money and get something that works just right for you!*

After I heard a couple good reviews, I started hunting around for L'oreal's new foundation, True Match Lumi Cushion.  It's expensive for a drugstore foundation... most places carry it for between $15 and $17.  Dave and Mom, if you are reading this don't worry, I got it on sale and used a $4 coupon.

As you can see here, it comes in a little compact with a puff included.  (It's foamy on both sides, not soft like a powder puff.)  You open up one more little door and you see the spongy cushion that is soaked with the very liquidy foundation.   I bought it in N 3.5, which turned out to be a smidge too dark for me in winter.

Here's what it looks like on it's own, with just a bit of powder and bronzer.  I'd call it medium coverage.  It definitely needs to be set with powder.  

And here's the next day in the school pick up line.  I used concealer (Elf HD Lifting, FTW!) under my eyes and on the birthmark on my chin.  I love the look of the foundation, but the wear was not impressive.  I think I was in full meltdown by around 3pm even with setting spray.  The 2nd day, extra powder improved the situation, but only by a couple hours.

I'm betting people who enjoy the original True Match Lumi foundation will like this formula, probably mostly you dry skin sisters out there.  If you are combo or oily, I wouldn't bother.

See you soon!